Last updated on February 2020

Impact of the PRISM-care Multidisciplinary Oncology Program on Secured Drug Intake of Patients With Kidney Cancer

Brief description of study

The rise of oral targeted therapies favors outpatient care of cancer patients but exposes them to new risks compared to the injectable chemotherapy in the hospital: non-adherence to treatment, inappropriate management of side effects and interactions with other co-prescribed drugs. The clinical consequences (reduced efficacy and potentialized toxicity) are all the more important that ambulatory monitoring of treatments prescribed at the hospital remains underdeveloped due to default of coordination between these two settings.

Adverse drug reactions are a major concern, as such, and because they involve prescription changes (dose reduction, treatment interruption). This results in a decrease in the dose taken and a risk of loss of efficacy.

In the context of metastatic renal cell carcinoma, the risk of iatrogenicity is even higher because the oral targeted therapies available in this indication have a safety profile marked by potentially serious toxicities (hematologic and cardiac toxicity) or are known to reduce the treatment adherence (digestive and skin toxicities). In addition, these molecules are metabolized by the CYP3A4 hepatic cytochrome, which leads to avoid associating them with drugs inducing and / or inhibiting the CYP3A4, because of the risk of toxicity and / or loss of efficacy.

The investigators propose to assess a program set up to secure drug taking by enhancing self-management of side effects and control of drug interactions by the patient. This program includes pharmaceutical visits and involves inpatient and outpatient (doctor, referent pharmacist and liberal nurse) professionals.

The hypothesis of the study is that the PRISM care program will improve self-management of side effects by the patient, resulting in a relative dose intensity of oral chemotherapy improved compared to usual care.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02849535

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