Last updated on February 2018

Dynamic Hormone Diagnostics in Endocrine Disease

Brief description of study

The study will investigate 27 hour profiles of hormones in the subcutaneous tissue of healthy subjects and patients with Addison's, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Growth Hormone Deficiency, acromegaly, Cushings and Primary Hyperaldosteronism during conventional diagnostic and therapeutic follow-up.

The 27 hour monitoring by ULTRADIAN takes into account the rhythm of hormones throughout the day. It is hoped that this information may in the future improve and simplify diagnostic procedures. Follow-up of patients in endocrinology still remains difficult including clinical signs of over and under-treatment, questionnaires of quality of life and blood testing necessitating often retesting. Simplification of the diagnostic procedure by obtaining detailed knowledge about the rhythm of hormones may contribute to the improvement and individualization of treatment and may decrease morbidity and mortality of endocrine patients.

Detailed Study Description

Microdialysis fluid will be collected from all participants using the ULTRADIAN dynamic diagnostics system. This is a 3-component collection system which can easily be attached to a belt and allows participants to continue with their normal everyday activities whilst undergoing sampling. The micro-fractions are minute, the volume would normally be by far too small to use with current immunoassays.

ULTRADIAN will overcome this hurdle by introducing two novel techniques; ultrasensitive liquid chromatography tandem mass spectroscopy (LCMS/MS) for steroid hormones, and the proximity extension assay (PEA), which allows the simultaneous assay of up to 96 analytes in only 1 L fluid.

The microdialysis sampling will be performed in addition to the conventional diagnostic sampling, and during normal follow-up of patients.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02934399

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