Last updated on February 2018

Effects of Hyperoxia on Open Heart Surgery

Brief description of study

Patients undergoing Open Cardiac Surgery will be randomized into two groups. Group I will be ventilated with 40% Fio2 during induction, surgery and in Postoperative care unit. Group II will be ventilated with 100% Fio2 during induction and with 60-70% ( determined according to the arterial blood gas sample results) during surgery and in Postoperative care unit.

Hemodynamic parameters ( systolic arterial pressure, diastolic arterial pressure, heart rate ), Arterial blood gas samples ( PaO2, PaCO2, pH, Oxygen saturation, Lactate), and pre and post cardiopulmonary bypass Superoxide dismutase and malonyl aldehyde levels.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03012997

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