Last updated on April 2018

Results of a Mobile Unicompartimental Knee Prosthesis

Brief description of study

The unicompartmental knee prosthesis has become a routine procedure. Survival rate of over 90% after 10 years are generally reported. However, complications and reoperation may still occur for many reasons, and some of them may be related to component design: loosening (tibial above), polyethylene wear, knee stiffness, ligamentous instability, etc ... . Therefore, new designs can, at least in theory, improve the results of conventional models.

In this study, the investigators want to compare retrospectively data concerning survival rates of patients wearing unicompartmental knee prosthesis with mobile plate for over 10 years, with the ones published in the literature for conventional fixed-bearing prostheses and mobile-bearing prostheses

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03130309

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