Last updated on February 2018

A Clinical and Biological Research of Combined Chinese and Western Medicine in the Treatment of PCOS

Brief description of study

This study evaluates the effects and biological mechanisms of DingkundanDiane-35 and the combination of Dingkundan and Diane-35 in the treatment of polycystic syndrome(PCOS) in adults women. One third of participants will receive Dingkundan capsules, one third of participants will receive Diane-35 Pills, and the another third will receive Dingkundan capsules and Diane-35 in combination.

Detailed Study Description

Dingkundan,Diane-35 each ameliorate PCOS, but they do so by different mechanisms. We generally treat PCOS patients without immediate fertility requirement by short-acting contraceptives,Diane-35 is one of the most commonly used drugs.

Dingkundan consists of multiple chinese herbs including ginseng,Panax notoginseng,deer antlers,Carthamus tinctorius L.,Radix Paeoniae Alba,prepared Radix Rehmanniae,Angelica etc., which gains widespread application in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Based on the characteristics above, we try to explore its clinical application value in PCOS and its biological mechanisms.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03264638

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Lei Li

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