Last updated on February 2019

Wich is the Best Dressing in Wounds by Primary Surgery of THA and / or TKA?

Brief description of study

Surgical wounds are covered to prevent bleeding, absorb the exudates and provide a barrier against external contamination. Currently, in Corporaci PT after orthopedic surgery, traditional occlusive dressing of sterile gauze and non-woven hypoallergenic adhesive tape is placed. In many cases the appearance of blistering caused by the use of these conventional dressings is observed, which increases the risk of infection, pain and the final cost of the procedure. There are other types of dressings that could improve these aspects but comparative data are not currently available. Main objective: to identify the dressing that better preserves the integrity of the skin.

Design: Prospective randomized comparative study of 5 types of dressings used in total knee and hip arthroplasty surgical wounds (TKA and THA).

Secondary Objectives: To identify the dressing that provides greater advantages and minor inconveniences in TKA and THA surgery.

Study population: Patients older than 18 years undergoing fast track primary TKA or THA. 110 patients

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03190447

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