Last updated on February 2018

Establishing the Collaborative Care Model of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine-Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis

Brief description of study

In Taiwan, there are many patients suffer from pediatric atopic dermatitis. Because of the clinical characteristic of repetitive and scratchy, which will affect the patients' quality of life and lead to the medical heavy budget. TCM may play an important role in this disease and help patient to improved their health. In this project, we aim to establish a Collaborative Care Model of TCM and Western Medicine, to achieve the multiple goal in clinical treatment, research and medical training. By establishing a collaborative care model, including the Chinese medicine doctor and Western medicine doctor, nurses, pharmacists and case managers, to cooperative satisfy the patient needed in the medical service, to improve the clinical presentation, patients'quality of life, and reduce exposure to corticosteroid. Besides, we can also build a training environment and reduce medical cost in long term purpose. Furthermore, by establishing a collaborative care model, we can provide a medical education and training opportunity to educate the medical student and clinician the necessary knowledge of pediatric atopic dermatitis by caring patients and learning from clinical case. According to the above training program, we not only aim to strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese medicine doctor in Taiwan, but also make the Western medicine doctors comprehend the TCM characteristic and may find out the even more opportunity to cooperate in clinical practice. To make this collaborative care model as a beginning milestone of cooperation between Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03375970

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