Last updated on March 2019

Periodontitis and Upper gi Post-operative Complications

Brief description of study

Periodontitis is a infection of mouth gingival mucosa and connecting tissue. It has been shown in previous studies to have a effect on the risk of heart diseases getting worse and elevate risk in heart surgery. The investigators are studying periodontitis and how it affects upper gastrointestinal tract patients complication rates and the quality of complications.

Detailed Study Description

Before patricipating patients go to preop, the investigators have them take a mouth rinsing quick-test, periosafe(c), that tells specifically about periodontitis. Participants go to surgery (upper gi) and have a normal operation following our clinics standards and normal follow up. After the investigators analyze the patient data concerning possible complications and do they have relations between the positive periodontitis results. Participants are also given advice about seeing a dentist if positive results are seen, but the operating surgeons do not get to know the mouth rinsing test results.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03144973

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