Last updated on September 2018

Phase II Trial of Sequential Consolidation With Pembrolizumab Followed by Nab-paclitaxel

Brief description of study

The purpose of this research study is to test the effectiveness of three treatment arms that are designed to improve survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Eligible subjects could be randomized to four (4) cycles of chemotherapy followed by immunotherapy, or immunotherapy followed by chemotherapy, or four cycles of chemotherapy plus immunotherapy.

Detailed Study Description

This open-label, three-arm, non-comparative randomized phase II study is designed to evaluate three different sequences of double-consolidation with the humanized monoclonal antibody targeted against cell surface receptor programmed cell death-1 (PD-1), pembrolizumab, and nab-paclitaxel in patients with advanced Non small cell lung cancer post induction chemotherapy. While the goal of each arm is to guarantee exposure to each of these two agents to patients who have not progressed post induction chemotherapy, they do so with different sequence. In ARMs A and B, consolidation is sequential, with either pembrolizumab followed by nab-paclitaxel (ARM A), or nab-paclitaxel followed by pembrolizumab (ARM B). In ARM C, consolidation is concurrent, with the two agents administered concurrently. As of July 24, ARMs B and C are closed, and no patients will be enrolled on this study. ARM A remains open to enrollment.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02684461

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