Last updated on February 2018

Study of Variations of Pleural and Esophageal Pressures Under Mechanical Ventilation After Lung Transplantation

Brief description of study

The primary objective of the study is to determine the correlation between mean pleural pressure and oesophageal pressure in the immediate aftermath of bi-pulmonary transplantation.

In this research, oesophageal pressure will be measured by a nasogastric tube with an esophageal balloon (also suitable for feeding the patient) usually installed at the time of transplantation, pleural pressure will be measured by several Pleurocath-type catheters (Prodimed Inc, France) which the thoracic surgeon will have positioned at the end of the surgery without additional skin intrusion.

Detailed Study Description

Pulmonary transplantation is a model of acute lung injury due to ischemia-reperfusion phenomena responsible in 1 in 4 patients for the occurrence of primary graft dysfunction (DPG), which penalizes graft prognosis in the short to medium term. The survival of transplant patients. Furthermore, the post-operative period is a complex period in which multiple hemorrhagic, immunological, infectious, and neuromuscular complications may arise that may require prolonged mechanical ventilation. At present, there are no data on the measurement of pressure in pleural space after pulmonary transplantation. Achieving this measurement would make it possible to adapt the settings of the ventilator to both the acute phase in the case of DPG and to a later phase in case of mechanical weaning. In the case of bi-pulmonary transplantation, before the thorax is closed, each patient benefits from the systematic placement of bilateral anterior and posterior thoracic drains to prevent the formation of fluid effusions (hemothorax, pleurisy) and / or gases (pneumothorax ) Which would impede ventilation and compromise gas exchange. These drains are gradually withdrawn during resuscitation usually after weaning mechanical ventilation

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03179644

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