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Study to Improve OS in 18 to 60 Year-old Patients Comparing Daunorubicin Versus High Dose Idarubicin Induction Regimens High Dose Versus Intermediate Dose Cytarabine Consolidation Regimens and Standard Versus MMF Prophylaxis of GvHD in Allografted Patients in First CR

Brief description of study

This open label, multicenter phase II/III study with multiple randomization phases at differents stages of AML treatment (induction, consolidation and HSCT where applicable) is designed to improve OS in younger (18 to 60 year-old) patients, with AML risk-adapted patient strategies. Within the intermediate risk AML group, optimal GvHD prophylaxis following allogeneic SCT in first CR, after either myeloablative (MAC) or reduced intensity (RIC) conditioning, will also be evaluated. With an adaptative design, this clinical trial could test up to 3 novel AML agents of interest.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02416388

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Jean-Pierre Marolleau

CH Amiens H pital Sud
Amiens, France
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Mathilde Hunault

CHU Angers
Angers, France
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Ahmad Al Jijakli

CH Victor Dupouy
Argenteuil, France
  Connect »

Anne Banos

Centre Hospitalier de la C te Basque
Bayonne, France
  Connect »

Fabrice Larosa

H pital Jean Minjoz
Besancon, France
  Connect »

Alain Saad

CH Beziers
Beziers, France
  Connect »

Claude Gardin

H pital Avicenne
Bobigny, France
  Connect »

Arnaud Pigneux

CH Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France
  Connect »

Bachra Choufi

H pital du Dr Duchenne
Boulogne sur Mer, France
  Connect »

Gaelle Guillerm

H pital Morvan
Brest, France
  Connect »

Sylvain Chantepie

CH Caen
Caen, France
  Connect »

Carole Exbrayat

Clinique du parc
Castelnau Le lez, France
  Connect »

Ioana Vaida

Centre Hospitalier Ren Dubos
Cergy Pontoise, France
  Connect »

Jean-Valère Malfuson

HIA Percy
Clamart, France
  Connect »

Aurelie Ravinet

CHU Estaing
Clermont-Ferrand, France
  Connect »

Celia Salanoubat

Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien
Corbeil Essonnes, France
  Connect »

Mathilde Hunault, PD

H pital Henri Mondor
Créteil, France
  Connect »

Denis Caillot

CHU de Dijon
Dijon, France
  Connect »

Maxime Bemba

CH Dunkerque
Dunkerque, France
  Connect »

Jean-Yves Cahn

H pital Michallon
Grenoble, France
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Philippe Rousselot

CH Versailles
Le Chesnay, France
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CH Lens
Lens, France
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Bruno Quesnel

CHRU de Lille, H pital Huriez
Lille, France
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Nathalie Cambier

H pital St Vincent de Paul
Lille, France
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Pascal Turlure

CHU de Limoges
Limoges, France
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Amine Belhabri

Centre Leon Berard (CLB)
Lyon, France
  Connect »

Xavier Thomas

CH Lyon Sud
Lyon, France
  Connect »

Norbert Vey

Institut Paoli Calmettes
Marseille, France
  Connect »

Jamilé Frayfer

CH Meaux
Meaux, France
  Connect »

Veronique Dorvaux

CHR Metz Thionville_H pital de Mercy
Metz, France
  Connect »

Yosr Hicheri

H pital Saint Eloi
Montpellier, France
  Connect »

Mario Ojeda-Uribe

CH Mulhouse
Mulhouse, France
  Connect »

Pierre Peterlin

CH H tel Dieu
Nantes, France
  Connect »

Lauris Gastaud

Centre Antoine Lacassagne
Nice, France
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Thomas Cluzeau

CHU Nice
Nice, France
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Eric Jourdan

CHRU de N mes
Nîmes, France
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Didier Bouscary

H pital Cochin
Paris, France
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Madalina Uzunov

H pital La Piti Salp tri re
Paris, France
  Connect »

Felipe Suarez

H pital Necker Enfants Malades
Paris, France
  Connect »

Ollivier Legrand

H pital Saint Antoine
Paris, France
  Connect »

Emmanuel Raffoux

H pital St Louis
Paris, France
  Connect »

Laurence Sahnes

Centre Hospitalier Saint Jean
Perpignan, France
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Maria Pilar Gallego-Hernanz

CHU de Poitiers
Poitiers, France
  Connect »

Chantal Himberlin

H pital Robert Debr
Reims, France
  Connect »

Marc Bernard

CH Pontchaillou
Rennes, France
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Isabelle Plantier

Hopital Victor Provo
Roubaix, France
  Connect »

Emilie Lemasle

Centre Henri Becquerel
Rouen, France
  Connect »

Jacques Vargaftig

H pital Ren Huguenin
St Cloud, France
  Connect »

Emmanuelle Tavernier

Institut de Canc rologie Lucien Neuwirth
St Priest en Jarez, France
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Bruno Lioure

H pital Hautepierre
Strasbourg, France
  Connect »

Christian Recher

IUCT Toulouse
Toulouse, France
  Connect »

Emmanuel Gyan

CHU Bretonneau
Tours, France
  Connect »

Jose Fernandes

CH Valenciennes
Valenciennes, France
  Connect »

Gabrielle Roth-Guepin

H pitaux de Brabois_CHU Nancy
Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France
  Connect »

Stephane De Botton

Institut de Canc rologie Gustave Roussy
Villejuif, France
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