Last updated on February 2018

Impact of Neuropsychological Evaluation on Epilepsy Treatment

Brief description of study

The present study aims to expand the evidence base of neuropsychological services in the context of medical management of epilepsy, examining whether treatment outcome and patient satisfaction with medical care are significantly improved when neuropsychological evaluation is included as an additional component of medical care within a comprehensive epilepsy center. All participants will complete an initial survey and a follow-up survey regarding views towards their epilepsy treatment. Participants will be randomized into one of two groups. One group will be given a neuropsychological battery in addition to the survey. The primary study hypothesis is that the addition of neuropsychological services to treatment-as-usual will result in significant improvements in (a) satisfaction with medical care, (b) patient perceived treatment outcome, and (c) physician-rated medical compliance. The secondary hypothesis is that participants who undergo neuropsychological evaluation will be generally satisfied with their experience with neuropsychological services.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03202082

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