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Multicenter Trial Comparing One-step Partial Caries Removal to Complete Caries Removal for the Treatment of Deep Carious Lesions in Permanent Teeth. (DECAT : DEep CAries Treatment).

Brief description of study

This clinical trial is a national multicenter randomized controlled trial performed in parallel groups aiming to validate a treatment that preserves pulp vitality of mature permanent posterior teeth through partial removal of carious tissue and restoring tooth structure using a simple filling in one session, thus delaying premature tooth aging.

Two successive randomizations will be performed (allocation ratio 1:1); firstly for the type of excavation carried out (partial vs. complete caries removal) and secondly for the nature of the adhesive used (antibacterial adhesive vs. non-antibacterial adhesive). The second randomization will not be carried out for teeth requiring endodontic treatment after the first randomization.

The study's primary objective will be to compare, at 1 year of follow-up, the efficacy (binary success criteria) of partial caries removal versus complete caries removal in occlusal or proximal deep lesions of mature permanent posterior teeth (bicuspids and molars except third molars). Secondary objectives will include the comparison, at 1 year of follow-up, of the efficacy (binary success criteria) of an antibacterial two-step self-etch adhesive versus a traditional non-antibacterial two-step self-etch adhesive. Another secondary objective will be to compare, at two and three years of follow-up, the efficacy of partial versus complete caries removal.

The primary outcome is the success of the caries removal protocol at one year, measured according to 5 FDI criteria, while the secondary outcome is the contribution of the functional and biological dimensions of the 5 FDI criteria items to determining success or failure of the treatment. The outcome of success will be the same for all objectives, primary and secondary.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02286388

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