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Predictive Score of the Bowel Preparation Quality Based on a Self-administered Questionnaire

Brief description of study

In France, nearly 1.3 million colonoscopies are performed each year. Colonoscopy is the gold standard in France for colorectal cancer screening in populations at risk. However, it has a number of limitations. The quality of the bowel preparation is a critical step for the successful completion of this examination. The occurrence of interval cancers raises the problem of missed lesions. A literature review showed that there were differences between the endoscopy units on quality standards for bowel preparation. The rate of unprepared colonoscopy is estimated between 20 to 40% . In a recent cohort study, 28% of 2516 colonoscopies had a score of Boston of less than or equal to 6. These colonoscopies generate substantial additional costs to redo colonoscopies, estimated at 35 million euros in 2008. The establishment a predictive score for quality of bowel preparation based on a self-administered questionnaire completed by patients during the pre-colonoscopy consultation, would help identify patients at risk of poor preparation in order to optimize the prescribed preparation in this consultation.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02712073

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