Last updated on February 2018

Efficacy and Safety of Ginseng Extract on Improvement of Bone Metabolism in Menopausal Women

Brief description of study

Recently, osteoporosis has been recognized as a serious health problem in the elderly, it has also increased in young middle-aged layer. Ginseng is history 2, 000 years Korean typical herbal medicine which is used as a medicinal is known the mystery of Elixir from a long time ago. A previous study was administered ginseng extract results in animal models induced osteoporosis, the bone-related biomarkers, including improved bone density and bone mass.

Detailed Study Description

The investigators performed a 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ginseng extract on improvement of Bone metabolism in menopausal women. The investigators measured Serum Osteocalcin, Urinary Deoxypyridinoline, DPD/OC ratio, Serum CTX, NTX, Ca, Phosphorus, BSALP(vone specific-alkaline phosphatase), P1NP(Procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide), WOMAC index(Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis).

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02763280

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