Last updated on August 2018

Assessment of Age-related Hearing Loss in HIV-1 Patients

Brief description of study

The ageing process is known to be accelerated in HIV-infected patients, compared to the general population.

Normal age-related hearing loss (presbyacusia) is a frequent phenomenon, affecting more than 70% of people above 65 years. It is believed to be mostly the consequence of a mitochondrial damage caused by oxidative stress.

Risk factors for accelerated age-related hearing loss are present in many HIV-infected patients : chronic inflammation, smoking, diabetes, etc.

The global aim is to measure the prevalence of presbyacusia in a well controlled HIV positive population in France, and to compare it to HIV negative controls matched for age and sex.

90 HIV positive patients and 90 age- and sex- matched HIV negative controls will undergo a screening for presbyacusia (pure-tone, speech and evoked-response audiometry).

We expect to find an increased prevalence of presbyacusia in HIV-infected patients, as compared to controls matched for age and sex.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02154971

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