Last updated on March 2019

Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation for Post-operative Acute and Chronic Pain

Brief description of study

Aim of the study to assess the efficacy of two modes of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on relief of postoperative acute pain after hip fracture surgery.

Detailed Study Description

The patients underwent undergo fractured hip surgery will be distributed into three groups with respect to the mode of postoperative analgesia applied: Group I (control): PCA only; group II: PCA plus lumbar plexus & sciatic nerve TENS (LS-TENS); group III: PCA plus surgical wound TENS (SW-TENS). TENS will be applied every 2 hours for 30-40 minutes during 48 hours postoperatively. Visual analogue score (VAS), Ramsey sedation scores, frequencies of PCA demand and counts of PCA delivery, as well as total analgesic consumption will be noted and compared between groups at various time intervals.

Visual analog scale (VAS) will be applied at 2 months postoperatively VAS and Mcgill pain questionnaire will be applied at the 6th and 24th months of the surgery to assess acute and chronic pain in the study population and the differences among groups.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02642796

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