Last updated on March 2019

Non-contrast Enhanced Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Normal Values and Imaging Protocols

Brief description of study

One of the main problems in cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) investigations is the strong dependence of the achieved image quality on optimal settings of sequence parameters and anatomical and physiological situations and it is well known that the diagnostic impact of cardiac MR investigations crucially depends on the adaption of imaging protocols to patients' state and ability to cooperate.

The aim of the present study is the evaluation and optimization of various 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla cardiac MR investigation protocols without application of contrast agent as well as the acquisition of normal values for new cardiac MR images techniques:

  • normal myocardial morphology: T1-, T2- and T2*-weighted imaging and acquisition of normal values of magnetic relaxation times (sequence- and protocol dependent),
  • normal cardiac function: systolic and diastolic function (sequence- and protocol dependent),
  • coronary artery imaging: feasibility to evaluate length, diameter and blood flow (sequence- and protocol dependent),
  • normal blood flow topologies in the heart and the surrounding great vessels: 2D- and 3D blood flow imaging and evaluation techniques (sequence- and protocol dependent).

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01728597

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