Last updated on February 2018

Real-time Cancer Pain Assessment and Intervention

Brief description of study

This study aim at the advanced malignant tumor patients who suffer from cancer pain, investigate the current status of cancer pain treatment, and study the effects in pain control and quality of life improvement using the method of real-time monitoring and treatment instruction of cancer pain. This study is a randomized, controlled, single center clinical study. After recruitment, the subjects will randomly assign to standard cancer pain treatment group and standard cancer pain treatment plus real-time dynamic monitoring and treatment intervention of cancer pain using the cloud computing concept system. And then, assess the alleviation of cancer pain and quality of live. The assumption is the system will alleviate the cancer pain efficiently.

Detailed Study Description

  1. Cancer pain is a common symptom exists in malignant tumor patients, which bother the patients and decrease the quality of life.
  2. The goal of the study is that using the real-time monitoring and intervention system will alleviate cancer pain better than the standard cancer pain treatment.
  3. The cloud computing concept is developed by Sun Yat-sen University cancer center, and accord with clinical practice.
  4. The subjects receive the real-time monitoring and intervention system will install the software and report in the contents of cancer pain in the software correspondingly to the doctors, and advices will be given by the software as well.
  5. The quality of life and overall survival follow-up is also required.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01914107

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