Last updated on November 2018

Non-damaging Retinal Laser Therapy With PASCAL Laser for Macular Diseases

Brief description of study

This trial seeks to prove the safety and efficacy of photothermal stimulation treatment to diabetic macular edema, chronic central serous retinopathy, macular edema secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion and macular telangiectasia.

Detailed Study Description

Sub-visible, non-damaging photothermal stimulation (532nm) exposures of 100 ms in duration resulted in enhanced expression of heat shock proteins in the retina. To test clinical efficacy of sub-visible retinal therapy using ms-range exposures of visible lasers one needs first to establish proper titration methods necessary to assure on one hand the lack of tissue damage, and on the other hand sufficient hyperthermia to elicit cellular response. We used an algorithm based on computational and experimental data to provide parameters that can cause photothermal stimulation to the retinal pigment epithelium without causing collateral damage to photoreceptors or choroid. This method will be used to treat macular diseases such as diabetic macular edema, branch retinal vein occlusion macular edema, chronic central serous retinopathy and macular telangiectasia.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01975103

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