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Trajectories of Health in Spanish Population

Brief description of study

Age with Health is a longitudinal cohort study aimed to examine trajectories of health, disability and wellbeing and their determinants for Spanish ageing population. Two waves have carried out so far. Wave 1 (2011-2012) and Wave 2 (2014-2015). Wave 3 will be conducted 2018, including also a new cohort of participants (Called 2018 Cohort). The study will provide reliable measures of population ageing and adult health in Spain - and will provide the basis for cross-country comparisons with longitudinal studies conducted in other countries.

Detailed Study Description

Study Design:

A prospective cohort general population study. Three study Waves


Wave 1: A nationally representative sample of non-institutionalized adults aged 18 years or older from the Spanish population was collected (with an over-sampling of people aged 50+ years). A multi-stage clustered design was employed; four strata based on the number of inhabitants of the municipalities were built for each of the 17 Spanish autonomous communities. Clusters were selected within the strata with a probability of inclusion relative to their size. Within each cluster, households were randomly selected from a list of all households. In case there was more than one individual from the corresponding age group in the household, a random method was employed to select the individual participant. A total of 4,753 respondents were interviewed and signed the written consent.

Wave 2: Wave 1 sample was re-interviewed (Wave 2) in 2014-2015. The mean follow-up period was 3.5 years (SD = 0.18). A total of 2,528 individuals were re-interviewed. The response rate in the second wave was 69.5%. This cohort will be re-interviewed after 3.5 years (Wave 3).

Wave 3: Following the same sampling methods than in Wave 1 approximately 3000 participants from Madrid and Barcelona will be interviewed for the first time.

Data collection:

Face-to-face interviews by Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing at the respondents' homes by trained interviewers. All interviewers receive a standardized training. Data quality control is also performed.

Main objective:

To assess trajectories of general health, disability and well-being in Spanish ageing population.

Secondary objectives:

To identify trajectories of healthy ageing (in terms of psychical health, mental health, functioning and well-being) in Spanish adult population as well as their determinants To analyse prevalence and impact of chronic health conditions, mental health problems, well-being and loneliness on mortality in Spanish adult population.

To determine risk factors for incidence and persistence of mental and physical health problems in Spanish ageing population.


The trajectories of health, functioning and well-being will be encompassed by relevant environmental factors such as social support, loneliness and health care utilization, personal factors (socio-demographic characteristics, healthy lifestyles, and high cognitive reserve among others) and other biological and health-related factors (weight, height, waist circumference, executive functions, blood pressure, grip strength, vision acuity, presence of mental and physical health problems and quality of life).

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03343886

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