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PAIN OUT: Improvement in Postoperative PAIN OUTcome

Brief description of study

PAIN OUT is a multi-national, non-interventional registry and benchmark project, assessing and analysing clinical and patient-reported outcome data of postoperative pain.

Detailed Study Description

PAIN OUT offers a large registry as well as a system for benchmarking and feedback of outcome quality and decision support in acute pain conditions. It collects demographic, clinical and outcome data, using a validated assessment tool available in multiple languages.

The registry part of the project aims at performing population-based research. Furthermore, its infrastructure allows for the conduct of prospective studies comparing the effectiveness of processes of care.

The benchmark part of the project provides the medical community with a unique, user-friendly system to improve treatment of patients with postoperative pain. A web-based information system, featuring two main functions, was developed:

  1. a feedback and benchmarking system which provides participating sites with continuously updating data and analyses about the quality of care they provide compared to other institutions and allows identification of best clinical practice.
  2. a knowledge library which provides clinicians with easily accessible and regularly updated summaries of evidence-based recommendations tailored to specific post-operative situations.

From 2016 on, sub-projects in Mexico, China and several European countries have started. This programs take place over a period of two years during which collaborators carry out a Quality Improvement project in their hospital using methodology provided by PAIN OUT. This includes collection of baseline data in a first phase, analysis of findings according to a protocol provided by PAIN OUT, review of findings and developement of improvement measures, implementation of the improvements and assessment of outcomes after a second phase of data collection.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02083835

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