Last updated on February 2019

The Effect of Oral Administration of 9-cis Carotene Rich Powder of the Alga Dunaliella Bardawil

Brief description of study

Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetically disease consisting of progressive retinal degeneration starting in the rods. Its prevalence is 1:4000 people and is the fourth most common blinding disease in Israel in 2004 [7% of all blindness]. The investigators treated a non-progressive form of the disease [Fundus Albipunctatus] by oral therapy of the food supplement made from alga Dunaliella Bardawil composed of approximately 50% 9-cis -carotene. The alga Dunaliella Bardawil accumulates high concentration of -carotene when grown under appropriate conditions. The -carotene of the alga is composed of approximately 50% of all-trans - carotene and 50% 9-cis -carotene.

The 9-cis -carotene has been shown to be a precursor of 9-cis retinoic acid both in-vitro in human intestinal mucosa and in-vivo in a ferret, perfused with 9-cis b-carotene. The night vision, as measured objectively by electroretinography (ERG) more than doubled in six patients tested following treatment. The visual field was also improved significantly. In a more recent study the investigators treated 29 retinitis pigmentosa patients with the 9-cis b Carotene algae Dunaliella Bardawil in a double masked placebo control cross over trial. Significant improvement in retinal function was recorded in 34% of the patients.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01680510

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