Last updated on March 2019

Hyperthermic Intra-Peritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) in Relapse Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Brief description of study

CHIPOR hypothesis is that the adjunction of platinum HIPEC in first relapsed epithelial ovarian cancer is able to improve the median OS by 12 months. In that hypothesis, with alpha risk of 5%, a power beta of 80%, during a 3 years period of inclusion and a 3 years follow-up, the number of patients to include is 404. Taking into account a 10% failure, an overall number of 444 patients is required.

Detailed Study Description

The patient received before the surgery a second line chemotherapy, platinum-based regimen with either carboplatine-paclitaxel, or carboplatine-caelyx. At the end of the six courses IV chemotherapy, if the disease is still responding and if a complete cytoreductive surgery seems possible, the patient is included after signed informed consent and will be operated 5 to 8 weeks after the last second-line chemotherapy cycle.

So, during the surgery the patient will be randomized if the complete cytoreductive surgery is really done and will then receive:

  • either treatment A = maximal cytoreductive surgery without HIPEC
  • or treatment B = maximal cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC

The HIPEC will be done at the end of the surgery. At the end of cytoreductive surgery, tumor residual disease must be null or very limited (Sugarbaker completeness cytoreduction: CC0 (no residual)-CC1 (residual < 0.25cm).

Two methods will be used for the HIPEC: Open or closed abdomen, depends on the site practice. Each site will use the same method during the study for all included patients.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01376752

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