Last updated on February 2018

The Genetic Investigation of Reproductive Disorders (Including Kallmann Syndrome)

Brief description of study

The purpose of this study is to explore the genetic basis of reproductive disorders.

Detailed Study Description

The World Health Organization estimates approximately 10% of couples experience some sort of infertility problem.

In humans, puberty is the process through which we develop reproductive capacity. Disorders of puberty have provided insight into the biology of reproduction and genetic technologies have enabled us to deepen understanding in this field. The focus of this study is to better understand the genetic control of puberty and human reproduction.

Increasing understanding of the molecular basis (genes) of inherited reproductive disorders may enable investigators to:

  • improve diagnostic testing and treatments for these problems
  • develop new diagnostic tests and therapies for patients
  • enhance counseling for patients and families with reproductive disorders

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01601171

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