Last updated on August 2018

Screening for Cancers in the Oral CAvity

Brief description of study

In the Somme region of France, cancer registry data showed an increasing incidence of oral cancer. The Incidence Rates in Somme as compared to the national rates for Lip, Oral Cavity and Pharynx Cancer were in 2010: 31,4/100 000 Standard population versus 18,2 /100 000 for male and 8,2/100 000 versus 5,5/100 000 for female, disaster area where action to improve early detection for smokers will be assessed. This target population consults late (as 70% of oral cavity cancers are diagnosed at a late stage (T3 or T4). This project is an innovative incentive strategy for screening among general practitioners based on unusual information vectors (tobacconist, local media).

The main objective of this study is a screening of oral cavity cancers in tobacco users aged 30-75 years in the Somme region of France.

Detailed Study Description

  • Education and alerting physicians to the early detection of cancers of oral cavity and coordination of networks involved for 1 year.
  • Incentive period for the screening by the tobacconist who distributes with every package of cigarettes bought a flyer of invitation to the screening.
  • Carrying out screening examinations by general practitioners with completion of the customized examination forms, orientation towards a specialist, data collection and evaluation.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT01958762

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