Last updated on February 2018

Pressure Area Distribution on a Variety of Clinical Surfaces

Brief description of study

Participants in the study will be adults with full mobility, with the capacity to give informed written consent. The investigators will recruit a group of volunteers in order to represent a variety of BMIs, in an attempt to gain a sample of the BMIs found in the population. The investigators will mimic current practices and standard equipment in order to replicate real conditions as closely as possible.

Participants will lay on the following surfaces in the following scenarios

  1. Ambulance scoop: supine (lying flat on their back)
  2. A&E trolley: supine
  3. Hospital bed: supine
  4. Theatre table: supine
  5. Theatre table: Left lateral (lying on their left side at 90 degrees to the operating table) with pelvic binders (pads designed to keep the hip immobile).

Each participant will remain in each position on that particular surface for a period of 25 minutes. A pressure mapping mattress will lie between the participant and the surface assessed to generate a pressure map.

Following completion of data collection, data will be analysed and any areas of potential pressure damage vulnerability will be identified.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03148821

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