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Comparison of Two Bipolar Resector in Less Than 3cm Myoma Resection

Brief description of study

Hysteroscopic resection of type 0, 1 or 2 myoma is frequent. The more frequent resector used for myoma resection is 26Fr hysteroscope. Actual miniaturization of resector led to 18.5Fr resector with a potential benefit because of less dilatation. These resectors are often used but no scientific evaluation has been performed.

Hypothesis of this non inferiority trial is that complete resection in a unique surgical time will be comparable with both resectors.

Detailed Study Description

Myoma type 0, 1 or 2 are often symptomatic (abnormal uterine bleeding or infertility) and hysteroscopic resections are thus frequent. This management is a minimally invasive surgery.

Usually, a 26Fr resectoscope is used and the main articles on this topic report hysteroscopie resections with a 26Fr resectoscope. Miniaturization of resector led to decrease in the size of resectors with a potential benefit because of a less important cervical dilatation and then a smaller risk of adverse events and an increase in the number of surgery under local anaesthesia.

Use of 18.5Fr resectors is more and more frequent but, to our knowledge, it has never been evaluated for benefit on cervical dilatation but also for rate of complete resection in one time, surgical length and rate of unbalanced input/output.

Intuitively, a smaller diameter could led to a less traumatic cervical dilatation but it could also led to an higher risk of incomplete treatment in one time and a longer surgical duration and a more frequent unbalanced input/output.

No study compare use of these two resectors (18.5 and 26Fr) all the more randomized. With 26Fr resector, the rate of complete resection in one time for less than 3cm myoma is around 90%. If this rate is higher with the 18.5Fr resector, the risk/benefit balance (including economic evaluation) won't be favorable to this use.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03402516

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