Last updated on February 2018

Observational Study of Analgesia and Cost-efficiency of Analgetic Medication Pumps (Zalviso and PCA-syringe Pump (PCA=Patient Controlled Analgesia)) After Urogenital Intervention at the Clinical Daily Routine

Brief description of study

The observational study will check if there is a difference in the postoperative care of patients with urogenital intervention while using the standard PCA-syringe pump or using the Zalviso sufentanyl sublingual analgetic system.

The study will exactly examine, using questionaire for the patient, the medical stuff (nurses and anesthesiologist) the difference in the analgetic quality, the difference of the patients` mobility while being treated with one of the analgetic system and if there is a difference in the cost-efficiency.

We want to examine 50 Patients in each group. The studies should be finished in about one year.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03355352

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