Last updated on July 2019

INCB 18424-272 A Double-Blind, Double-Dummy Phase 2 Randomized Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Ruxolitinib Versus Anagrelide in Subjects with Essential Thrombocythemia Who are Resistant to or Intolerant of Hydroxyurea

Other Details:

There are no medical benefits that can be guaranteed to the patient for the patient’s taking part in this research study. The patient’s willingness to take part, however, may help doctors better understand and/or treat others who have the patient’s condition. Information gained from this study may benefit others. No guarantees have been made to the patient as to the results of this research study. Although the results of research may be patentable or have commercial value, the patient will have no legal or financial interest in any commercial development resulting from the research.

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