Last updated on January 2019

Genomic Testing and Resulting Medical Decisions

Brief description of study

There is no evidence available about which molecular profiling methods are currently used for cancer patients in Austrian clinical practice. The construction of the registry proposed as a completely independent research endeavor, will be helpful for scientific evaluation and the establishment of highly credible data.

Detailed Study Description

In the situation of enormous possible beneficial options for patients, health care systems, researchers and companies and the simultaneously present high number of uncertainties, the establishment of an independent registry for patients undergoing any type of comprehensive genomic profiling offers many advantages.

In particular, an overview of the speed of development, the "market penetration", the use of the technology in specific indications (tumor types, stages and in specific situations of unresponsiveness to certain drugs), the frequency by which treatment decisions will definitely follow the result of comprehensive genomic profiling and the reasons for this, the treatment outcome of such patients, the platform technologies applied (in-house (which types), vs. commercial) and the development of these parameters over time and in relation to the development of novel drugs will be analyzed.

The registry proposes to cover the time period from the years 2016 to 2019, which will allow for assessment of both the current and emerging landscape of genomic/molecular testing practice in Austria and effect of molecular profiling on patient care and outcome.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03301493

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