Last updated on February 2019

Pembrolizumab With and Without Radiotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Brief description of study

This is a randomized single-institution, phase II, open-label clinical trial of neoadjuvant pembrolizumab with or without low-dose stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT) in stage I-IIIA non-small lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who are planned to undergo surgical resection of their lung cancer.

Detailed Study Description

Two consecutive run-in cohorts will administer pembrolizumab or pembrolizumab with SRT of 12 Gy to the lateral aspect of the primary tumor. Patients will receive pembrolizumab for 2 cycles prior to surgery or SRT and surgery. Surgical resection of all involved areas of tumor will occur within 6 weeks of the last administration of pembrolizumab. It should be noted that surgery is expected to occur within a much shorter window and 6 weeks would represent the greatest allowable amount of delay.

If during the run-in, only the pembrolizumab-alone cohort meets pre-specified safety parameters, subsequently enrolled patients will enter a larger expansion cohort, with treatment given according to that cohort only. If during the run-in both cohorts meet pre-specified safety parameters, subsequently enrolled patients will enter the expansion cohort and be randomized between preoperative pembrolizumab versus pembrolizumab with SRT of 12 Gy.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03217071

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