Last updated on August 2017

PuraPly Antimicrobial Wound Matrix and Wound Management

Brief description of study

The PuraPly Antimicrobial Wound Matrix (PuraPly AM) case series is a prospective, observational study for patients who have received PuraPly AM which consists of a collagen sheet coated with polyhexamethylenbiguanide hydrochloride (PHMB) and is intended for the management of wounds; no experimental intervention is involved.

Detailed Study Description

The purpose of the case series is to assess the ability of PuraPly AM to meet wound specific treatment goals including management of bioburden, support of granulation tissue formation and support of wound closure. Patients will undergo clinical assessments and receive the standard of care as determined by the treating physician. The case series is being undertaken to better understand PuraPly AM utilization and subsequent healing outcomes as well as to evaluate the effects of concomitant wound therapy on healing. Patient's participation may involve follow-up for up to 12 weeks following application of PuraPly AM.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT03070938

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