Last updated on February 2017

Single Ascending Dose Study of Two Liquidia Bupivacaine Formulations

Brief description of study

This study is designed to assess and characterize the safety and tolerability profile of LIQ865A and LIQ865B formulations compared to diluent or aqueous bupivacaine hydrochloride when infiltrated into a defined area of the medial calf, and to characterize bupivacaine plasma pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) profiles after a single dose of LIQ865A or LIQ865B, and to determine the individual plasma concentration/time curves and mean PK parameters of each product.

Detailed Study Description

Infiltration of an aqueous local anesthetic, for example, bupivacaine, into surgical sites at closure provides temporary analgesia, typically lasting up to 6 hours, and is one aspect of the multimodal approach to postsurgical analgesia or fast-track surgery. However, the limited duration of action of local anesthetics, even longer acting agents such as bupivacaine, result in patients who are likely to experience end of duration breakthrough pain before they are able to take or tolerate oral analgesics, thus necessitating the use of strong parenteral analgesics in the immediate postsurgical period. LIQ865A and LIQ865B are two distinct formulations of bupivacaine manufactured via Liquidia Technologies PRINT (Particle Replication In Non-wetting Templates), which Liquidia intends to pursue for product approval. Both formulations being tested have the potential for producing long-lasting control of post-surgical incisional pain.

Clinical Study Identifier: NCT02982889

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