Connecting patients to your trials


iConnect is designed to facilitate patient-recruitment for academic medical centers, sponsors, and patient advocacy groups. iConnect allows investigators to improve online awareness of their trials, communicate with interested participants, and monitor recruitment metrics and a lot more.

Key Features

iConnect’s award winning technology leverages online mechanisms to streamline the clinical trial recruitment process

Automated Clinical Trial Import

iConnect can directly load clinical trials from your in-house databases or government systems such as

Recruitment Tracking
And Analytics

Dashboard to track metrics such as total referals, sources, patients screened, and enrolled for every dollar spent

Configurable Pre Screener

Create questionaires with branching logic to screen for eligible participants

Secure Patient-Investigator Messaging

Easy to use, secure messaging platform for communication between patients and research staff

Volunteer Registery
And Engagment Tools

Create a searchable or potential volunteers and engage them via targeted communication such as newsletters

Semantic Search Technology

The platform enables users to search for trials using lay terms or medical terminologies such as the MESH

iConnect Search Widget

iConnect Search Widget enables our powerful search capabilities to be embedded on third party websites using a single line of code. Each widget can be customized to support searching for trials for a given condition.


Get step-by-step guided assistance through the trial search process

Map and list view for all searched trial sites

Call or message any clinical trial site location and get connected instantly

Responsive application design that works across all devices

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