Study grants market breaks $13 billion

By CenterWatch
Published: March 2016

CenterWatch analysis of the global clinical trial grants market, a critical measure of the overall health of the enterprise, revealed a mixed message about the volume of clinical activity. Industry-sponsored clinical trial activity has increased compared to a decade ago, yet growth in grant spending to investigative sites from both the government and industry has continued to slow significantly. Spending on global clinical trial grants to sites reached $13.5 billion in 2014, growing about 2% a year since 2008. Growth in government grant spending, in particular, declined -1.8% each year since 2008, while growth in industry spending during the past six years slowed to one-third of its previous level. The deceleration of growth in grant spending raises concerns for sites, which already have seen profit margins erode over the past six years and feel pressure from sponsors and CROs to perform at higher levels for the same grant dollars. Growth in grant spending also has been affected by the increasing complexity of clinical trial protocols.

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