Pessimism and Instability Defining the Clinical Research Workforce

By CenterWatch
Published: January 2011

Work environments have become more unstable across the clinical research industry as a high percentage of employees worry about job security, consider switching jobs within the next year, and don’t see much opportunity for advancement within their organizations, according to a new CenterWatch survey. More than half of clinical research professionals who participated in the survey, which CenterWatch conducted in collaboration with Applied Clinical Trials, regard their current operating environment as bleak and don’t expect it to improve during the next year. Importantly, the survey findings suggest the emergence of a more transient workforce as employees feel they must change jobs in order to earn higher salaries and advance their careers. This trend creates significant challenges for companies in the clinical research industry, particularly when developing their training policies and programs. In addition, employees who are worried about job security and career opportunities may be less willing to own up to the commitments companies require for running lean, efficient operating structures.

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