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The Clinical Research Center, LLC
1040 N. Mason Road, Suite 112
St. Louis, MO 63141
314-514-1244 (fax)
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Therapeutic Areas

Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases

Center Overview

The Clinical Research Center located at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital is a dedicated clinical research center specializing in pharmaceutical research involving respiratory illnesses such as asthma, allergies, COPD, and the study of inhaled devices. Although our primary focus is respiratory illnesses, our site also conducts clinical trials on certain dermatological conditions. Our center is dedicated to quality data and patient care provided by experienced nurses and physicians.

For more information, please visit The Clinical Research Center homepage.

Clinical Research Experience

Areas of Expertise:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Dermatological Conditions
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • COPD / Emphysema
  • Influenza
  • Inhaler Devices
  • Migraines

The Clinical Research Center has been operational since 1991. Phase II, III, IIIB, and phase IV studies are performed at the facility. Over 400 clinical trials have been successfully performed to date. Our center works with major pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller companies. The Clinical Research Center is also a member of CRN/Allergy Network and has performed studies in cooperative efforts with investigators at Washington University School of Medicine.

Facility Description

The Clinical Research Center occupies 4,000 sq. feet of space, allowing separate office/exam rooms for 10 coordinators, a business office, site visits and record review. We have a dedicated area to accommodate monitors visiting our site with wi-fi access available. In addition there is a room for 12-hour stays and ample secured space for test medications and records. Equipment available includes multiple pulmonary function equipment and multiple ECG machines.

The location at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital provides access to advanced pulmonary testing at the Pulmonary Function Lab and a radiology department with the latest equipment i.e. spiral CT and MRI. The center is easily accessible from St. Louis Lambert Airport and from St. Louis City and County. It is located less than one mile from inter-belt highway 270, which also provides access from St. Charles County and Illinois.

Investigator Experience

Dr. Phillip E. Korenblat, MD
Certified Physician Investigator
Areas of Expertise: Allergy, Immunology and Internal Medicine (Board Certified)

Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast, MD
Certified Physician Investigator
Areas of Expertise: Allergy, Immunology and Internal Medicine (Board Certified)

Staff Expertise

The professionals at The Clinical Research Center include a staff of nineteen. Our staff consists of a diverse group of highly educated and dedicated clinical research professionals. Our eleven Clinical Research Coordinators, who are all Registered Nurses, have several years of clinical trial experience and together have conducted over 400 clinical trials in all phases of drug development. The Clinical Research Center is dedicated to quality patient care and data collection.

Our staff includes an Executive Director who is an RN, MSN, responsible for contract and budgets, a Clinical Director, RN, BSN, who manages the day to day operations, a Regulatory Coordinator who handles IRB submissions and expedites the flow of paperwork in each of our studies; and Two Study Subject Recruiters, who manage our database of clinical research patients, handle advertising and recruit for enrolling studies.

Patient Demographics

The Clinical Research Center is located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We have a population in the St. Louis Metropolitan area of 2.5 million, this includes counties in southern Illinois and eastern Missouri on both sides of the Mississippi River. The Clinical Research Center has both pediatric and adult patients in our database. Since our center specializes in phase II-IV studies our patients must have a specific respiratory disease to be eligible for the studies. Our center is proud of its over 8,000 subjects who are interested in participating in our studies.

Other Information

If someone is interested in participating in a clinical trial our center will provide a pre-screening exam, at no cost, to determine eligibility. Along with the study trials the staff and coordinators educate the patient with regard to their particular illness.

Contact Center

If you are interested in contacting this center to discuss placing a clinical trial there, please complete and send the email form below. A representative from the research center will then follow up with you.