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The Patient Recruiting Agency

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Lance Nickens
The Patient Recruiting Agency
6207 Bee Caves Road, Suite 288
Austin, TX 78746
775-258-0231 (fax)
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Company Overview

The Patient Recruiting Agency™ (TPRA) specializes in the production and placement of customized direct-to-patient outreach and technological solutions to support Sponsors, CROs, SMOs and Investigators. TPRA’s unique data-driven solutions also include online media and the design and hosting of pre-qualifying study-specific websites. Now with RADIUS365™, TPRA’s online platform for tracking and managing all response, referral and retention activities in real-time, TPRA has become The Leader In Successful PATIENT RECRUITING & RETENTION.

As a fully accredited advertising agency since 1999, TPRA has produced and placed more than 1,800 patient recruiting campaigns in multiple languages for more than 90 different indications. TPRA distinguishes itself from other patient recruiting firms through its cost-efficient production techniques, effective placement strategies and advanced recruiting and retention tracking and management technologies.


TPRA’s IN-HOUSE services include media production (TV, radio and print), as well as full-featured, study-specific website design and online marketing.

  • Commercial Production
  • Print Design
  • Study-specific Websites
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Outreach
  • Study Branding & Identity
  • Site Kit Materials

TPRA employs experienced, IN-HOUSE creative talent and supports that talent with the latest technological tools available to produce highly effective and affordable TV, radio and print advertisements. Employing an IN-HOUSE production facility allows TPRA to maintain the greatest production value within the short timelines common to the clinical trial industry. TPRA understands the importance of achieving the right mix between creativity, discerning and communicating key study criteria and maintaining cost efficiency.

TPRA’s production services also include designing and hosting full-featured, study-specific websites. These websites include Flash Video and either pre-screening or full screening questionnaires that offer multiple methods for the website visitor who passes the questionnaire to make contact with the study clinic. Used in conjunction with its study specific websites, TPRA’s precise search engine marketing techniques are designed to generate additional traffic to its websites from potential qualified participants. This capability can be tailored to target specific geographical areas as well as a global reach.

TPRA has produced and placed advertising campaigns for a wide variety of study indications that have reached men and women of all ages and races, including small demographic groups such as infants and children, older adults and non-English speakers.


TPRA’s focus on effective placement of media campaigns honed through the rigorous gathering of ROI metrics is a key reason for TPRA’s success in patient recruiting efforts.

  • Local & National Media Placement
  • Market Research, Planning & Selection
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Post-Marketing & Advertising Services

The TPRA IN-HOUSE media placement team carefully plans all media purchases, taking into consideration budgets, anticipated response rates, enrollment deadlines, risk factors and the anticipated ability to handle responses. In placing media, TPRA goes the extra mile of placing all campaigns locally, based upon local viewing patterns and costs.

TPRA understands the significant impact of media expenditures on a study’s budget, and designs the media plan to ensure that the impact on the budget is accompanied by a proportional impact on enrollment.

Once an initial plan is developed, the plan and all critical assumptions are carefully vetted with all interested parties. Upon approval of the plan, the team places the advertising directly with local media vendors serving the markets where the investigators are located. TPRA maintains solid professional relationships with representatives of over 2,000 local, national and international media stations, strengthening its ability to obtain more media time per dollar than most media buying firms. By purchasing in only those markets where a site is located, TPRA ensures that media dollars are spent in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Before developing and executing the placement strategy, TPRA researches the demographic profile of the indication and performs market research in each local market to choose the medium, format, publication and programs that will yield the greatest call response for the least cost.

Although execution of TPRA’s media buying process is more labor intensive than buying media from media brokers or buying simple station rotators (a common occurrence), the excellent results achieved by TPRA with this strategy make the extra effort worthwhile. The entire process is performed IN-HOUSE and TPRA charges nothing more than the industry standard commission for media placement for its work in planning, coordinating and placing the media. Purchasing media at the program level from only local media vendors and executing the entire process without management fees is one of the ways that TPRA separates itself from its competitors.


TPRA is the performance, price, technology and metrics leader in the industry and has proven that its unique model generates a greater call response from a higher percentage of qualified patients. TPRA’s technology platform, RADIUS365™, is the clinical research industry’s first ever complete investigator based online portal for tracking and managing all response, referral and retention activities in real-time...from the first call attempt to the last clinic visit.

RADIUS365™ encompasses:

  • Real-time Telephone and Website Response Tracking and Reporting
  • Centralized and Site-specific Call Routing and Voicemail
  • Online Management of the Investigators’ Response, Referral and Retention Activities
  • Real-time Online Reporting for the Sponsor of all Response, Referral & Retention Activities
  • Q-center™ Patient Pre-qualifying Service

RADIUS365™is a comprehensive set of centralized communication, support and management tools gathered into one technological platform, encompassing all of the tools needed to maximize patient recruiting and retention throughout a study. With RADIUS365™, all call and web responses are tracked and reported in real-time by market, by medium, by site, by date and by time of day. Investigator activities are recorded as they use RRADIUS365™to access and manage all response and referrals; RADIUS365™ is able to track all site activities electronically. This information is in turn reported in real-time to the Sponsor and CRO or SMO.

The power of RADIUS365™ derives from its ability to simultaneously increase the investigators’ effectiveness while facilitating electronic reporting of their activity without the cost, time and intrusion of manually collecting data for site activity reports. The benefits that flow from this convergence are tremendous and include: supportive and more productive investigators, greater accountability of everyone involved in the study (including TPRA), more effective advertising, less waste and a higher rate of timely study completions.

RADIUS365™ is the most powerful and comprehensive platform of services and technologies for tracking and managing all recruiting and retention efforts from the first telephone call attempt to the last clinic visit. By continually developing new, cost-efficient methods to increase performance, results and accountability, TPRA actively demonstrates why its proven solutions make it The Leader In Successful PATIENT RECRUITING & RETENTION.


TPRA has implemented over 1,800 complete patient recruiting campaigns in multiple languages for more than 90 different markets for a variety of indications, including those involving:

  • Musculoskeletal/Bones and Joints
  • Endocrinology
  • Oncology
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • GI/Metabolism
  • Organ Transplantation
  • Dermatology/Skin
  • Urology
  • Neurology/Psychiatrics
  • Ophthamology
  • Respiratory
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Venous Leg Ulcers
  • Healthy Recruits
  • Immunology/Infectious Disease
  • Drug Dependency

Contact Information

Lance Nickens
The Patient Recruiting Agency
6207 Bee Caves Road, Suite 288
Austin, TX 78746
775-258-0231 (fax)
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