T1D Exchange

Eli Lilly, T1D Exchange collaborate on new initiatives to advance diabetes care

Thursday, April 10, 2014

T1D Exchange, the first program of Unitio, a nonprofit organization that helps build patient community and research platforms dedicated to eradicating chronic diseases such as type 1 diabetes, and Eli Lilly have entered into a research collaboration that will enable both organizations to gain deeper, real-world insight about the experience of people with type 1 diabetes, to identify new ways to improve care and advance outcomes.

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Sanofi, T1D Exchange to investigate optimal care for young people with diabetes

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sanofi, a global healthcare comapny, and T1D Exchange, a non-profit organization focused on type 1 diabetes, will collaborate on the TEENs registry study, which aims to provide the type 1 diabetes community with a better understanding of how children, adolescents and young adults are currently living with type 1 diabetes, and to deliver recommendations for better disease management and patients outcomes.

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