San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project

San Antonio’s cancer genomics partnership launches

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genomes Project (SA1kCGP), Shanghai-based WuXi NextCODE and South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (START) have partnered to enable San Antonio’s pioneering citywide cancer genomics effort to contribute directly to improving the clinical treatment of cancer around the globe. The SA1kCGP brings together hundreds of doctors, oncologists and surgeons, and a thousand patients to create the basis for the resource: tumor samples from breast, lung, prostate, skin, colorectal, uterine, pancreatic, ovarian, stomach, brain cancers, collected at the time of diagnosis.

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BGI Tech, START collaborate on 1000 Cancer Genome Project

Monday, October 7, 2013

BGI Tech Solutions, a subsidiary of BGI, a genomics research organization, and South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (START), are collaborating on the San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project (SA1kCGP), a cancer genome study designed to link genetic alterations that underlie different cancers to detailed clinical outcomes. Such findings could enable scientists to pursue the development of targeted, personalized cancer treatments. All data generated from SA1kCGP will be made available publicly and freely to researchers and others worldwide.

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