Remedy Health Media

DAC Patient Recruitment, Remedy Health Media partner for clinical trial enrollment

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DAC Patient Recruitment Services, an Imperial company focusing on clinical trial patient recruitment and retention, has partnered with Remedy Health Media, a health information and technology company, to offer clients exclusive access to millions of potential trial participants in one of the highest-concentration online environments of chronic condition patients and caregivers.

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Bosch Healthcare, Remedy Health Media partner to enhance patient engagement

Friday, August 30, 2013

Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems, a provider of telehealth systems, and Remedy Health Media, a provider of clinical resources and wellness tools, have partnered to develop and market a suite of web-based products and solutions focused on supporting better patient engagement in telehealth and compliance with medical care. The partnership combines Bosch’s evidence-based telehealth solutions for chronic medical and mental health conditions with Remedy’s design and development of patient engagement models to improve patients’ compliance with medical care and self-management skills.

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