Qualcomm Life

Early inroads for wearable devices in clinical trials

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It is nearly impossible today to avoid the growing number of commercially available wearable devices capable of gathering health information. These devices—typically placed on a wrist, arm or chest—hold promise for col­lecting, transmitting and integrating objective experiential data in real time and in aiding the analysis of a much higher volume of data from a significantly larger number of patients. But based on interviews with industry profession­als, the conceptual promise of wearable devices in clinical trials remains largely that. Adoption is in its very earliest stages.

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Clinical Ink announces CentrosHealth Platform captures medical device data

Friday, July 24, 2015

Clinical Ink, a Winston-Salem, N.C.-based provider of eSource solutions for clinical trials, has updated CentrosHealth, a mobile patient engagement platform, to include streamlined connectivity for a wide range of medical devices. Medical device connectivity is powered by the 2net Mobile Platform from Qualcomm Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc. This new platform was developed with cooperation from Novartis and PPD, which also are supporting a pilot clinical study before broad commercial use.

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