Sorrento, NantBioScience form joint venture

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sorrento Therapeutics, a clinical stage oncology company, and NantBioScience, a majority owned subsidiary of NantWorks, have established a joint venture to focus on the development of first-in-class small molecules addressing drivers of cancer growth, including cancer stem cells. ‎Sorrento will contribute key small molecule programs (lead inhibitors of the proto-oncogenes c-Myc, and the master metabolism regulator HIF-1 alpha, and an inducer of the tumor suppressor cytokine TRAIL) to the joint venture, which will be 60% owned by NantBioScience and 40% owned by Sorrento, and funded accordingly.

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NantWorks, Sorrento collaborate on novel anti-cancer immunotherapies

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NantWorks, an umbrella organization developing of next generation diagnostics and therapeutics, and Sorrento Therapeutics, an oncology company, have entered into a binding agreement to initiate a global collaboration to discover and develop novel anti-cancer immunotherapies derived from Sorrento’s proprietary G-MAB library against neoepitopes of tumor-specific antigens discovered using NantWorks’ proprietary pan-omics based, precision medicine approach.

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