Metrics Champion Consortium

Tracking adoption of risk assessment and RBM

Sunday, October 1, 2017

For all the talk about how risk-based monitoring (RBM) can improve efficiencies in clinical trial processes, the actual level of execution varies widely among sponsor companies, the industry lacks a uniform approach to the methodology and some organizations have not yet pursued alternatives to traditional monitoring strategies.

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CluePoints, Metrics Champion Consortium partner

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CluePoints, a provider of centralized statistical monitoring (CSM) and risk-based monitoring (RBM) solutions for clinical trials, has partnered with the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC), an association dedicated to the development of standardized performance metrics to improve clinical trials. Drawing on the company’s vast expertise in RBM, CluePoints will work with the consortium to help drive collaboration in the development of a standardized framework for Central Monitoring, including identification and definition of what is included, who should be involved, and how best to manage the process.  

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