X-Chem, Astellas Pharma collaboration across multiple therapeutic areas

Monday, March 20, 2017

X-Chem, a privately held biotechnology company applying its innovative drug discovery capabilities to the generation of novel small molecule therapeutics, announced the signing of a broad drug discovery collaboration with Astellas Pharma. The collaboration will enable the discovery of novel lead compounds for complex drug targets of interest to Astellas from X-Chem’s growing collection of DNA-encoded DEXTM libraries containing over 120 billion compounds. This new partnership is X-Chem’s most expansive first-time alliance with a pharmaceutical company, and is aimed at tackling hard-to-drug targets across multiple therapeutic areas at Astellas.

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Astellas launches DigiTx Partners in partnership with MPM Capital

Friday, July 29, 2016

Astellas Pharma has launched DigiTx Partners, a digital health investment company, in partnership with MPM Capital. DigiTx Partners will invest in the digital health space broadly, with a special focus on companies which create solutions that improve patient outcomes and provide substantial synergy with a broader pharma business. Although the emphasis will be on earlier stage companies, investments will be made in both startups and growth stage companies.

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