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AG Mednet launches endpoint adjudication technology Judi for data quality

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

AG Mednet continues its drive to advance clinical trials with the launch of Judi, a comprehensive electronic endpoint adjudication system to manage workflow and ensure data quality. Judi helps sponsors and CROs manage clinical events from trigger to final adjudication in pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device clinical trials. This product capitalizes on AG Mednet’s experience delivering software in support of zero-delay clinical trials. AG Mednet is a specialized, electronic data collection and submission service dedicated to increasing data quality and reducing queries in clinical trials.

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Early inroads for wearable devices in clinical trials

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It is nearly impossible today to avoid the growing number of commercially available wearable devices capable of gathering health information. These devices—typically placed on a wrist, arm or chest—hold promise for col­lecting, transmitting and integrating objective experiential data in real time and in aiding the analysis of a much higher volume of data from a significantly larger number of patients. But based on interviews with industry profession­als, the conceptual promise of wearable devices in clinical trials remains largely that. Adoption is in its very earliest stages.

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AG Mednet launches clinical quality control software for QIBA

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Clinical trial sponsors working to standardize the capture and submission of complex imaging data through new QIBA imaging charters now can ensure the protocols are being met. AG Mednet, a quality compliance partner for image data submission and collection, has launched Submission, Quality and Compliance (SQC) software for QIBA.

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AG Mednet licenses Columbia University software to reduce protocol amendments, unnecessary costs

Monday, November 12, 2012

Unnecessary procedures and amendments to clinical trial protocols cost sponsors more than $5 billion per year and are responsible for 20% of clinical trial budgets, according to recent research. To help reduce these costs and create zero-delay clinical trials, AG Mednet has licensed from Columbia University advanced image analysis technology developed by Drs. Lawrence Schwartz, Binsheng Zhao and Yongqiang Tan at Columbia University Medical Center.

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