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Dotmatics, BioByte partner to speed drug candidate selection

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dotmatics, a provider of scientific informatics solutions and services to the life sciences industry, announced a partnership with BioByte, producer of the industry gold standard partition coefficient calculator (ClogP). This deal will enable users of the Dotmatics Platform including Vortex and Browser to calculate ClogP seamlessly within the applications. This will streamline the research process and speed up the selection of potential drug candidates.  

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Getting the most from a central advertising campaign

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Pulse on Patient Recruitment by Ashley Tointon

There are few Patient Recruitment and Retention (PRR) tactics that are more controversial than the central advertising campaign. Although central advertising can cover several different mediums such as television, print, radio and online, most users fall into one of two groups: the “it worked” group or the “it didn’t work” group. This dichotomy is pronounced regardless of factors unique to each clinical trial, and hamper efforts to broaden the use of advertising for clinical trials. There are many factors that drive these strong opinions, including cost, the communication of expectations and the accountability of the study sites.

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Dana-Farber, Ontario Institute join collaborative cancer cloud

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University and Intel are expanding participation in the Collaborative Cancer Cloud, a distributed precision medicine analytics platform, to include Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. The institutions will join the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in leveraging Intel’s technology to securely share and analyze their collectively large amounts of data, while preserving the privacy and security of patient data at each site.

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