Quanticate launches next generation FSP service

Friday, June 22, 2012 07:30 AM

Quanticate, a global data-focused CRO based in both the U.S. and U.K., has unveiled its next generation functional service provision (FSP) service to support customers through integrating centralization across functions.

“Centralized Service Provision (CSP), developed in collaboration with our clients, looks across functions to maximize the data being produced throughout drug, device and nutritional product development,” explained Daniel Chapple, COO of Quanticate. “Our objective is to leverage the benefits of functional outsourcing and the efficiencies resulting from combining certain tasks across functions including data management, biostatistics, programming, medical writing and pharmacovigilance.”

Chapple continued, “Creating innovation that fits with the objectives of pharmaceutical companies is important in today’s current climate, which is why we continually look to leverage our expertise in small and large-scale outsourcing partnerships to offer transformational solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners. Our objective has been to put in place an approach that provides benefits for all companies, regardless of size.”

With the recent launch of the “CliQ” centralization and visualization tool at Quanticate along with global expansion such as in India, CSP offers efficiencies at a study level while providing real operational advantages from individual drug developments through to large scale product portfolios. Collecting the right data and using the best study design in a technology that enables standardization—regardless of source—is important in ensuring the integrity of conclusions through appropriate analysis and reporting. The only outcome of a study is data and with the substantial investment that goes into gaining data for new drug submissions, it is essential that companies can utilize their data effectively, efficiently and with confidence.

“To effectively visualize real-time data within and across trials is enabling organizations to optimize trial designs and gain a competitive advantage when drugs are launched. Technology comprises only part of the solution though,” said Yvonne Moores, executive vice president of the strategic resource business unit and manager of operations for Quanticate’s FSP partnerships. “Having experts who understand bio-statistical approaches such as Bayesian methodologies or adaptive designs, together with experts who can understand the implications of a decision later in the drug development life-cycle are also important elements to more effectively designed trials.”

Moores continued, “Ensuring data standardization from the out-set can minimize data mapping, prevent delays at a later stage and help companies to quickly reach decision points or provide additional information that can be used to help market the product more effectively. The use of the right talent in the most appropriate global locations is also important to ensure a cost effective, but high quality, approach.”

As a data-focused CRO, Quanticate is well-placed to facilitate this approach to optimize drug development. Additional information regarding CSP, CliQ and Quanticate services are available on the new company website just launched this June.


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