Phlexglobal refocuses company as ‘The TMF Experts’

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 12:37 PM

Following 12 months of significant international expansion, Phlexglobal, the creaetor of the first commercial electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) solution, PhlexEview, has announced its new corporate repositioning as ‘The TMF Experts,’ with a brand new image and website.

The repositioning is in response to the increasing global focus on Trial Master Files (TMFs) and international customer demand for both Phlexglobal’s eTMF solution and its paper and electronic TMF quality services. Phlexglobal’s ability to provide experienced resource at short notice to support preparation for regulatory inspections has also resulted in significant expansion of the U.K. office in Amersham, England, with a new site opening shortly, and a three-fold increase in headcount in the U.S. office in Malvern, Penn. 

“Our business has grown considerably in the past few years and that is largely due to the success of PhlexEview and our TMF quality services,” said Stella Donoghue, managing director of Phlexglobal. “We pride ourselves on our delivery of innovative, flexible and adaptable technology and resource solutions and it is these core values that have helped us grow and secure a market-leading position.”

Launched 12 months ago, the third generation PhlexEview solution is a customizable, quality-controlled, end-to-end process enabling electronic searching and viewing of centralized TMF documentation from sponsors, subsidiaries, CROs and field-based personnel from anywhere in the world, at any time. Simple and easy to use, PhlexEview meets the stated EMA requirements for usability, and has been presented as the primary TMF in inspections. PhlexEview can be used as a sponsor or CRO eTMF, or as an electronic investigator site file at research sites.

PhlexEview can be used as an off-the-shelf package or can be highly customized, with or without the associated services offering complete adaptability and support.




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